Sunday, March 20, 2011

Finally back in Cali

Sorry for no update yesterday it was a treacherous day of flying, 14 hours total, two very long flights, and the one from NYC to SF was horribleit, very rocky the whole yime, when we finally landed my mom was very sick and then we had to wait on the hotel shuttle to come pick us up, which was ubber annoying, since they had way too many people to pick up, so we had to wait in the pouring rain and finally after 2 hours we got to our hotel, starving, way and I was super annoyed and grumpy, mom was way sick so we went to sleep and now are heading back to Humboldt today.
I learned sooooo many things on this trip, and I pushed myself to do things I would ahve never done b4, it was such a great learning experience for me and I met great people along the way, overall I had an amazing time.
If anyone ever wnats any suggesstions on where to stay or what to do or eat, please feel free to ask.

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