Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 5

Well was awoken by my mom yelling "we missed breakfast", which we didnt but we did sleep in, after our breakfast we dressed and started walking, to our suprise we found the stop for the Hop on and off buses so we paid and hopped on, which was great because I didnt get very many pics on our tour last night so I got many good ones today. We had lunch at a Italien pub, I ordered French fries and buffalo wings, realizing fast they were not like we have in USA at all, IK dont think the fries were even from potatoes they had a very odd taste to them and the wings, lets just say needed lots of help... LOL, but my mom loved her food, she got chicken and broccoli pasta. We then walked around more and went and took a ciesta until dinner time, we ate at a little italien place right next to our hotel, I had pizza of course and the strongest margarita ive ever drank in my life, but I chocked it down, LOL, we then went and walked around town one last night and decedied to go on na hunt for gellato, we actually ended up finding the cutest gellato shop right down the alley from our hotel, my mom got cherry and I got coconut. Now we are resting in our hotel, wel actually im on here and mom is sleeping beside me, LOL! Our time in Rome has come to an end, we leave tomorrow at 9 a.m  Ciao Bella (Ive been wanting to say that for days)

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