Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 10 (Day 5 in Ireland)

So this morning didnt have a great start, I thought we had over slept but actually I was adding time wrong and we hadnt, but it was okay we got ready, ate breakfast and headed to the parade, we got there early enough that we got great spots, the parade is a huge deal around here, it reminded me of the Thanksgiving Day parade, I mean not huge flying floats like that but just how they have it all sectioned off and we had to stand behind gard rails, it was quite a great parade, best Ive ever seen and apprently there parade has a theme every year this year was Brillant, guess its a book, so we didnt really understand it, but it was fastinating to see how things in different places can be so different. After the parade we met up with our friends that we met yesterday, the other mother daughter traveling duo, we had to take turns sitting at the table to eat our lunches cause they could only get us a 2 person table, so that was funny, then we walked up to the Guiness factory, which was a huge waste of money, they dont even do a tour, its just paying 15 euros each to go to there gift shops and learn a little about how the beer came about and go to there bars, but even though it was a waste of money I ended up having a great time, Jenee and I actually left our moms and went into a bar, and these 2 guys smooth talked there way into talking to us, but they ended us being hilarious and from the USA, and we got free drinks so hey why not... LOL! No but they were really cool people, oh to go back right in the middle of the parade my darn camera died, casue I forgot to charge it, so I did get some good pics, but for the rest of the day I was camera less which sucked. Ok so after fun times at Guiness the moms wanted to go see River dance, apprently it was at some hotel, so we took a taxi, and ended up at a bar, which was very crowded, we did go in and get some drinks but realized very fast it was too much for the moms to handle especially mine, but I did have a very nice elderly irish man kiss me on the check and off to buy me a drink so that was very nice of him, we left there because it was too crowded and we ended up figuring out the taxi driver took us to the wrong hotel, so we deceided to just take a taxi to there hotel for drinks and dinner, we did that and ate at a very fancy place, I ended up almost having a norm St pattys day dinner, but instead of the corned beef I had chicken.... LOL, but we had Creme brulee for desert and man was it tasty,we said our farewells to our new friends and headed back to our hotel, man were there crazies out tonight, I mean green people everywhere and short, short, short dresses, man!!!! But overall a fabulous day, tomorrow is our last day in Ireland, so we will see what the day brings us.............


  1. Don't get lost in the land o' leprechauns. miss you guys, William

  2. Oh believe me mom wont let me get lost anywhere, LOL, miss you too!!! See you Sunday