Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 6 (Day 1 in Ireland)

So we woke up early and ate, packed and got ready, we were driven to the airport by a taxi that our hotel supplied for us, apprently they forgot to tell him we weren't going to America though cause he pulled up in from of the Atlantis terminal (thats what we flew in on from NY) I then informed him that we were going to Ireland and that we needed to be a Air Lingus so he pulls up like 200 feet and just stops and proceeds to get out, so we figured it was where we were suppose to be, oh boy were we suprised, we walked in and dint have a clue and none of the display screens said Ireland, finally we found an information desk and she told us where we needed to be, so we got checked in and finally boarded our plane which was an hour late, luckily we met great Irish people along the way and a couple that was from Texas but moved to Ireland because they loved it soooo much, they told us where the great restaurants, pubs and places to for sure check out were, the other lady that was born and raised from Dublim made me a long list, off to a great start here. The line to get through customs was herendous but we finally made it through, and onto our air bus to the hotel. OUr hotel is sooooo nice and huge, we have 2 twin beds, which have wheels gthat should make for an interesting night, LOL,but the staff is amazing, sooo helpful especially the conceirge him and I have  special connection already... LOL, well maybe not yet but Ive already bugged him like 4 times I even called him looking for my lost mom, LOL dont lowrry she appeared with soda and candy... LOL typical mom. We ate dinner at the bar downstairs and I tried the there wings and fries and they were much better then the ones I tried in Rome and guess what? My om actually drank a starwberry daiquri, for those of you that know my mom thsi is very rare, she doesnt ever drink, ever! So it wa sa good bonding moment, LOL! Ok well were in our room for the night now, off for a tour bright and early tomorrow.