Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 9 (day 4 in Ireland)

We had a very early morning, so no breakfast, we had to be at the train station by 7 a.m, we took a taxi down there, met our guide and hoped on a train, there was 6 of us with his tour and we were metting up with another tour on a coach bus to really do the tour, we were going to Giant's Causeway, unfortuanetly our train was delayed by 45 minutes so we missed the begining of the tour and were shuttle bused up the rest of the group, we stopped at a little shop along the way and came realize they took pounds where we were now, and yep you guessed right we didnt have pounds, well they gladly took Euros but gave you pounds in exchange, and the exchange rate was beyond crazy, we still never figured it out, lets just say we only bought a small ice cream and a hot choc. and gave her 10 euros and only got 4 pounds back , so it was a bit of a rip off. So we continued on our tour going up vey winding mountains heading to bushmills distillery and yep, I got car sick, just as we were pulling in, and the dam tour guide wouldnt move out of my way to get off the bus so I had to kick him, UGH so mortifying, cause evryone on the bus saw me getting sick. So for the rest of the day I had everone asking me how I was feeling, and the driver was nice enough to open his window for me. We headed to the causeways to ahve lunch and do a walking tour of them, I had guiness pie to eat, which was quite yummy, its kind of a stew type thing made with guiness and has a pastry shell on top, after we ate we walked with our new friends (Jenee and her mom Mary Lee, they are from Texas, and were doing a mother daughter trip too) The causeways were quite amazing and quite a hike, but we all made it. We got back on the bus and headed to the rop bridge, and yep to my suprise I crossed it, believe me I almoist chickend out at the last minute as I was going down the steep steps to it, cause all I saw was crashing waves below me,  but Jenee just kept saying no your doing this and I did, gosh was it scary I didnt look down at all, (mom couldnt come watch cause it was too much of a treck for her, Mary lee though went to take pics of us but wasnt so good with my camera and didnt get any of me, but its all good, I know I did it. We walked back op the moutnatin, got on our bus and headed back to Belfast to get back on our bus, such a long day, we didnt get back until 11:00, and the restaurants were all closed so we had to pay $27 euros for cold sandwiches from room service, and they couldnt fix out internet so we had to switch rooms again, and now our new room which is nicer but the phone doesnt work, I told my mom well I guess we cant have it all, so finally we went to sleep, I was sooo exaughsted and grumpy.

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