Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 11 (Day 6 in Ireland)

So today was our last day in Ireland we kept it pretty low key, we went to O'connell street and bought some last minute gifts , oh and they have Milkshake shope here with over 500 flavors, believe me it was very hard to chose just one, LOL, but I had to have one b4 we left so I had them make me a cadberry creme egg milkshake, yeah sooo weird but it was actually good, there very big into Cadburry here, thats all the candy they pretty much sale. So after our shakes we walked around more then went back to the hotel to just relax. I actually ended up taking a nap, LOL! But it felt sooo nice, then we walked and got some pizza and wings, now were packing and heading to bed, 5 a.m here we come....... oh side note, tomorrow is apprently a huge Rugby match, Ireland VS England and both teams are staying at our hotel so its a huge madhouse in the lobby, so glad were out of here b4 the game starts tomorrow. USA here we come.......................

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