Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 8 (Day 3 in Ireland)

The norm ate breakfast, got ready, had the morning conceirge book reservations at this little irish restaurant for us, called The Winding Stairs, then actually took a taxi to O'connell st. ( thats where most of the shopping is done at) The taxi driver was sooo nice, we went and walked around and found lots of shops we hadnt explored yet. It was funny I went in this little pharmacy type shop to get some gauze coverings for my tat and the guy was a shy irish man (you could tell) and he shyly asked (while turning all red) what I got a tat of, I told him and he started laughing, he actually ended us being sooo sweet and asked if I needed directions anywhere and I asked him  about the restaurant so he drew me out directions. We left there oh and I found a machine that weighs you and takes your BP, so I put in my 2 euros and suprised that I ahdnt gained any weight so far im still at what I weight when I left, and it says I onlt need to lose 29 more LBS to be in the normal ranges, so thats great to hear. Okay anwyas back to our day, we ended us eating at Mcds, yes we did! LOL, I cant eat it at home anymore so I figured what the heck, its pretty much the same except they do ahve some different items also and they dont do the whole meal number thing. After lunch  we got on the hop on hop off bus tour again, cvause your pass is good for 2 days so we took it to Trinity College and toured around there, its school to 15,000 students, could you imkagine trying to go to class with tons of tourists with cameras all over the place, no thank you! Its beautiful there, went to the book of kells but didnt go in and do the tour, too expensive and we didnt know much about it. So went shopping around at som shops around the college and then got back on the bus, and I mistakenly took a little nap and suddenly opened my eyes and said "its the white bridge, thats where the restaurant is by" so my mom said "oh okay we need to get off here then" so we got off ther bus and soon realized we had no clue where we were so we walked across the bridge and found this little place called Gallaghers and the baretnder was sooo nice he actually printed out the address and directions for me, so we left and tried to find a taxi with no prevail and just sat there hoping the hop on and off again bus would round atleast one more time and it happened to be our lucky day cause they showed up about 10 minutes later and as we were going in the right direction we saw our restaurant and got off. At first we saw the menu outside and were turned off but I wanted to go in and check it out, so glad we did but unfortunately our conceirge didnt make our reservations so they said we could eat but had to kinda be fast, but OMG the food was sooooo good, I got a potatoe patty type thing with mushrooms and spinach under it with a creme fresh and chive dip, and my mom got a steak and fries, the service was the best evr and , such cute irish men working, Id reccomend going there just to see them, LOL and they even take your bags and coats, gosh I wish all restaurants offered this service, LOL! We caught a taxi home, another nice taxi driver, now were at the hotel heading for bed, 13 hour train tour tomorrow............
So unfortunately our night didnt end here, after one too many drops of the dumb bells from the gym directly above us I had enough and asked to be moved, so they moved us and the room they chose to move us too had no internet, UGH, so they said they were going to try and fix it the following day, okay now were done for that day.

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