Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 4

So this tim change thing had us awake at 1:30 a.m, and I finally fell back to sleep around 5:oo a.m, so hopfully we will be back on track tonight. We ate breakfast at our hotel and then got ready and went walking, we found the fountains and there was a protest going on, very scary, thre was 3 different types of police and the Italien army there, we stayed far away. We found lots of little shops and bought many gifts, and of course ate more pizza.... LOL, the cars here are super compact and they have lots of scooters and motorbikes, the traffic here is herendous, and they dont care if you are in the crosswalk or not, they will still try to run you over. The police here are very scary they carry there guns right in front of them, one had his gun aimed up my mom got so scraed it almost touched her it was that close. Okay well we are off to nap
now before our dinner tour7:30 P.M and we were shuttled to a big tour bus, with lots of italien speaking people, the tour was great except for 2 things, it was mostly in Italien and we couldnt take any pics because they were blurred from the buses windows, but we did make 3 stops and I took plenty of pics there, we went to the Trevi fountain (known as the fountain of love) your suppose to throw a coin in and make a wish, which I did. There was lots of peddlers there including a man on stilts dressed in silver, well my mom fell for it and wanted a pic with him not realizing he wanted money, he started banging his cane and telling her 2 euro, so she gave him 1 and he was reletless, I finally have him another euro he wanted her to give him 5, because he saw how much money she had, I gave him his euro and pulled her away, explaining that she needs to be more carful. We thern stopped to take pics of the whole city at night, they didnt turn out so good but they will do, then we went to the Vadicen, Im sure I spelled that wrong, then they took us to dinner at this point it was 1030 p.m, they fed us a 4 course italien meal which was pretty good, Im realizing I miss American chocolate its just not sweet enough here. We came out of the restaurant around 11:45 and learned fast that the night life here at begun, it was jam packed the tour guide explained they come out from midnight to 7 a.m and drink, very odd, but very interesting at the same time. We finally made it back to our hotel and now its after midnight, good night all, tomorrow will be our last day in Rome, we will see what the day brings us.

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