Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 7 ( Day 2 in Ireland)

We woke up bright and early and ate breakfast and got ready for the day, we had Hop on and off bus passes which we were told were at this certain stop at 9:20, well we walked prolly close to 5 miles to get there (thats close in Ireland, im starting to learn, LOL) Well aprently that was for a different bus, so waited over an hour for ours, which finally arrived and man was it freeeeeeezing, we actually went coat and glove shopping  once we got off and got Mocha and hot cocoa to warm up, well big suprise they didnt have any coats that will fit me so I settled from some mens sweaters and we bought some gloves, we shopped all day, bought tons of gifts, spend way too much money and guess what???? we went and got tattoos, yes we did!!!! We got 3 three leave clovers,my moms is a little lighter color though and its on her shoulder, mine is a darkier greena nd it's on my hip area on the right side, she says this is her first and last, im glad we got to do her first and only in Ireland, hence why we got the three leave clovers, LOL! The guy was a hilarious irish man, he kept telling me how he was drunk, he kept us both entertained though for sure. We got back on out tour bus and finished the tour, which was warmier now and then we walked the 5 miles back to our hotel, we freshened up and walked a little ways to an italien retaurant, and guess what? I didnt have pizza, LOL, our food was yummy, we went back to our hotel and mom actually wanted another daquiri so I said what the heck so we went to our bar/lounge in our hotel and got dessert and daquiris, unfortunately mom started feeling ill so now shes asleep and im typing, tomorrow we are off on another journey........

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